The spring of the Bâc River is located near Temeleuţi Village at an altitude of 180 m. Having a length of 155 km, the Bâc River crosses at the middle point of the territory. Before entering Chişinău, near Ghidighici Village, the river intersects a chain of limestone reefs creating a picturesque path, The Gorges of Bâc. In 1963 near Ghidighici Village an artificial lake was created to complete the two natural lakes of Bâcovăţ and Calfa.

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The "Butesti Gorges", located in the south of Butesti Village, has a total surface area of 110 hectares. Within the gorge the Camenca River forms a picturesque and narrow path through the Calcorosi Reefs of the Prut zone. The Calcorosi Reefs named after the village of the same name is surrounded by the river on both sides and has impressive dimensions of over 2 km in length and over 125 m in width. This remarkable geological formation originated 15-20 million years ago.

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The "Codru" Reservation was created on the 27th of September 1971 and has a total surface area of 5415 hectares.

The principal tree species are Pedunculate Oak, Evergreen Oak and Beech Tree. Other more frequently known tree species are as follows: Ash, Silver Linden, Red Linden and Cherry Trees. Fauna from the reservation are representative of Central and Western European forests.

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In the east of a village by the same name, the "Duruitoarea River" produces a deep path through a chain of strange rocks similar to coral. Extraordinarily, humans since the Stone Age have settled near this river in the "Old Duruitoarea" Cave.

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The "Emil Racoviţă" cave is situated next to Criva Village in the north of the Republic and is the third greatest gypsum cave in Europe and the seventh greatest gypsum cave in the world. It was discovered in 1959 and scientific research began in 1977. At present, cca 90 km of labyrinths and tunnels have been discovered and mapped.

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”Mândâc” Villa is located 13 km toward the south of Tîrnova and 3 km from the Mândâc Village in an open green plain. It was the holiday manor of the Oganovici Family.
The manor was established in 1896 on a terrain of 14 hectares and was surrounded by a garden. The house has two levels and was created in the spirit of the modern romantic style. The garden’s various fruit trees and decorative shrubs are used principally in the design of the garden landscape.
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We have not even a history page without the voice of Nistru River. In its valley and in its sounds we learn to be what we are now, we learn all our customs and we learn to don't believe in unfair maps and in the right made by strangers. Nistru River was a dam in front of invaders and a border stone.

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The "Padurea Domneasca" (Princely Forest) Scientific Reservation was established in August of 1993 with a total area of 6,032 hectares. Located near the Balatina Village, it represents one of the oldest forests from the Prut basin and from the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova. The Prut is dressed in the green of this forest on area of approximately 60-km. It is typical forest of the Prut's holm meadow, even though the holm meadow is no longer present after construction of a dam and formation of a reservation, Stînca-Costești.

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ANTREC-Moldova is a non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit organization that promotes rural, ecological and cultural tourism in Moldova from 2000. ANTREC-Moldova is the first professional rural tourism association in our country, that have created a network of guesthouses. The positive results obtained by ANTREC, throughout its activities, is due to our team: country's top specialists involvements in the fields of culture, ethnology, history, law, economics, ecology, crafts, etc.